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Lianghai Grain and Oil


  was founded in Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Provicne in October 2013 with registered capital of ¥220 million. It mainly engages in construction and operation of 1,200,000 T/A oil processing and storage base projects of Lianghai Grain and Oil ("Lianghai Grain and Oil Project").

Lianghai Grain and Oil Project is a large-scale base project that integrates grain and oil transshipment, storage, trade, and research. Products radiate six provinces and one city in East China, the Yangtze river basin, the Pearl River Delta, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. In future, its business will be extended to other products and fields related to grains and oils and their products. The project covers about 300mu, and total investment is about ¥1.03 billion. It is constructed in two phases and the main product will be completed and put into operation in 2017.

Lianghai Grain and Oil Project is situated in Zhoushan International Grain and Oil Industrial Park. It enjoys " the Belt and Road", river-ocean combined transportation service center, and other national policies. On May 25, 2015, Xi Jinping pointed that development and opening up of Zhoushan has regional strategic significance and national strategic significance for some advantages in terms of port, location, and resource.

On November 20, 2014, Li Keqiang pointed that we should build the Yangtze river economic belt to realize harmonious development of east-central-west regions, build river and ocean combined transportation service base and promote transformation and upgrading. On June 11, 2014, Li Keqiang put up the construction of comprehensive three-dimensional transportation corridor to build three-dimensional transportation and the ship model standardization of river vessel, research and promotion of ship model of the Three Gorges and of river-sea transportation.

Lianghai Grain and Oil Project enjoys superior geographic location and convenient transportation. Based on deepwater wharf and independent shipping dock, the logistics cost is greatly reduced. Grain storage meets national food security strategy, small and middle package can increase added value of products. The company has mature and effective purchase and marketing model. The management team is expert in operation of grain and oil market, and has abundant channel resources and friend resources. The company has established long-term cooperation relations with research institutes of the Province or country for developing new products and innovating operating management so as to ensure long-term vitality of the enterprise.

Lianghai Grain and Oil Project has good development prospect and strong profitability. The company strives to adjust grain and oil industrial structure and optimize arrangement of grain and oil industry. It enjoys relevant preferential policies for Zhoushan Islands New Area.

Lianghai Grain and Oil Project is key construction project of Zhejiang Province. Zhejiang Province has increased investment in "411" project and supporting construction of grain storage facility project. Its settlement and operation in Zhoushan International Grain and Oil Industrial Park has made great contribution to the transformation, upgrading, and development of the enterprise, to the construction of River-ocean combined service center, and to implementation of "the Belt and Road" strategy.